Health Care Transformation: Opportunities for a Healthier Virginia

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Summer 7-30-2015


The American health care system is in a period of what many call transformational change, impacting the vast majority of individuals who seek health care services, as well as consuming nearly 18% of the nation’s economic resources.1 More than 19 million Americans in the U.S. health care workforce are affected as well.2,3 While some view the uncertainties of such sweeping changes with alarm, others embrace the overhaul as providing an opportunity. In fact, this may be the best opportunity in decades to offer higher quality care to more Americans at a reasonable cost. The health of Americans as well as billions of dollars is at stake in this transformation. Virginia has already taken important steps to improve health and access while limiting increases in expenditures. This paper will provide an overview of how the health care system is being altered and suggest several opportunities to increase access, improve quality, and curtail increases in costs. The recommendations will not only help those needing care, but also serve to constrain the rate of growth in health costs for businesses, leading to an improved business climate in Virginia.


White paper produced for Annual State of Healthcare in the Commonwealth Hosted by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce.

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