Document Type

DNP Project


School of Nursing

Date of Degree

Spring 2017


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Primary Advisor

Cathie Guzzetta, PhD, RN, FAAN


Background: Program accreditation requires adherence to MBSAQIP standards to assist patient in making needed changes to his/her diet and lifestyle. However, literature provides conflicting information regarding the value of a comprehensive bariatric program accreditation and its effects on 30-day readmission and 30-day ER/infusion clinic visit due to dehydration development.

Objectives: To examine the effects of implementing a comprehensive bariatric surgical program on 30-day readmission rates, and 30-day emergency room (ER) and infusion clinic visit rates due to dehydration for bariatric surgical patients.

Methods: Our study was a retrospective separate sample pre-post intervention chart review. The data were collected before and after implementing a comprehensive bariatric program using a convenience sample of 180 adult patients (age ≥18) that had bariatric surgery at an acute care hospital. We conducted Chi-square analyses with significance levels set at 0.05.

Results: Among the 180 patients, majority had laparoscopic gastric bypass (n=112, 62.2%). Among the 180 patients, 55 (31%) were in the pre-intervention and 125 (69%) were in the postintervention group. A total of 7 (3.9%) had 30-day readmission. Significantly more patients (n=5, 9.1%) in the pre-intervention group had 30-day readmission compared to those in the postintervention group (n=2, 1.6%; X2=5.73, p=0.03). Among the 180 patients, 8 (4.4%) had 30-day ER/infusion clinic visit due to dehydration. No difference was found in 30-day ER/infusion clinic visit between the pre-intervention (n=5, 9.1%) and the post-intervention groups (n=3, 2.4%; X2=4.03, p=0.06).

Conclusion: Implementation of comprehensive bariatric program was effective in lowering 30- day readmission rates

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