Training and supervision

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Journal Article

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Global Mental Health and Psychotherapy: Adapting Psychotherapy for Low- and Middle-Income Countries




Global mental health; Psychotherapy; Supervision; Training


© 2019 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. In this chapter, we discuss key considerations and best practices for training and supervision for psychological interventions in low-resource settings. First, we discuss what aspects of training and supervision require special consideration in the context of global mental health. Then, we review the hierarchy of skills needed for psychological interventions including skills related to common factors in psychotherapy, treatment-specific skills, and skills for particular contexts. We continue by exploring how training and supervision considerations should go into the formative research phase when devising interventions. The subsequent sections are broken down into who does training, who is trained, and the content and structure of trainings. We then present a section dedicated to the often overlooked issues of attitudes and motivation in trainings. This is followed by a section on training evaluation with particular emphasis on evaluating competency in global mental health. The final sections address supervision models, evaluating quality and fidelity in implementation, and issues of accreditation, certification, and workforce development. By conclusion of this chapter, readers will be aware of key considerations in global mental health training and supervision for psychological interventions, and they will have the building blocks to assemble a training and supervision programs for global mental health initiatives.

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