Establishing and Evaluating an ASCO Learning Cohort: a Longitudinal Project Assessing the Learning Needs and Behaviors of Oncology Professionals

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Journal Article

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Journal of Cancer Education




Continuing education; Healthcare professional learning needs; Innovative educational study design; Longitudinal cohort; Oncology


© 2019, American Association for Cancer Education. Background:: In 2013, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)’s Continuing Education Committee recommended establishing an interprofessional, longitudinal cohort pilot project. The main goals of the cohort were to gain feedback from oncology providers on how they use resources to address their learning needs and gain insights into the utility of different ASCO educational activities. Methods:: The ASCO Learning Cohort Pilot Project included 49 ASCO members that were representative of the overall Society membership demographics and ran from November 2015 through August 2016. Participants documented monthly learning needs and completed monthly feedback activities focused on specific ASCO educational resources. Results:: The Learning Cohort Pilot Project proved a viable and innovative cohort model for analyzing the learning process for oncology healthcare professionals. The development, operations, and compliance required unique infrastructure to accomplish this project. Relationships between participant demographic variables and learning preferences are reported elsewhere. Conclusion:: The ASCO Learning Cohort Project is a unique educational project that demonstrated feasibility and has met its goals. This paper outlines the processes of establishing a learning cohort, including participant selection, project design, and participant feedback. We evaluate the project model as a means to better understand the learning needs and behaviors of oncology healthcare professionals.

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