[Efficacy of magnetolaser therapy of patients with an inflammatory form of chronic abacterial prostatitis].

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Journal Article

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Urologii&x0361;a (Moscow, Russia : 1999)




To assess efficacy of magnetolaser therapy (KAP-ELM-01 Andro-Gin unit) in the treatment of inflammatory chronic abacterial prostatitis (ICAP), 68 ICAP patients were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 patients (n = 33) received standard therapy. Group 2 patients received standard therapy plus magnetolaser (ML) therapy. The effect was assessed by the symptoms scale and indices of kallirrein-kinin system. After treatment pain relieved by 36,9%, on the average, in group 1 and by 63.1% in group 2. Lower urinary tract symptoms regressed insignificantly in both groups: by 4.8% and 7.1%, respectively. Quality of life improved by 27.6 and 65.5%, respectively. Kallikrein activity in prostatic secretion remained high in both groups. A 21.7% rise (p < 0.05) of prokallikrein level was seen after treatment only in group 2. Activity of KKS inhibitors (alpha2-MG and alphal-PI) in prostatic secretion normalized in group 2. Total activity of serin proteinases lowered in both groups (p < 0.05). High activity of alphal-PI (8.21 + 1.97 U/ml) persisted in group 1. Thus, standard treatment of ICAP does not result in biochemical normalization of prostatic secretion. ML therapy is more effective.

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