Sorting nexin 5 and dopamine D1 receptor regulate the expression of the insulin receptor in human renal proximal tubule cells

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Copyright © 2015 by the Endocrine Society. Sorting nexin 5 (SNX5) belongs to the SNX family, which is composed of a diverse group of proteins that mediate trafficking of plasma membrane proteins, receptors, and transporters. SNX5 is important in the resensitization of the dopamine D1-like receptor (D1R). D1R is uncoupled from its effector proteins in hypertension and diabetes, and treatment of diabetes restores D1R function and insulin receptor (IR) expression. We tested the hypothesis that the D1R and SNX5 regulate IR by studying the expression, distribution, dynamics, and functional consequences of their interaction in human renal proximal tubule cells (hRPTCs). D1R, SNX5, and IR were expressed and colocalized in the brush border of RPTs. Insulin promoted the colocalization of SNX5 and IR at the perinuclear area of hRPTCs. Unlike SNX5, the D1R colocalized and coimmunoprecipitated with IR, and this interaction was enhanced by insulin. To evaluate the role of SNX5 and D1R on IR signaling, we silenced via RNA interference the endogenous expression of SNX5 or the D1R gene DRD1 in hRPTCs. We observed a decrease in IR expression and abundance of phosphorylated IR substrate and phosphorylated protein kinase B, which are crucial components of the IR signal transduction pathway. Our data indicate that SNX5 and D1R are necessary for normal IR expression and activity. It is conceivable that D1R and SNX5 may interact to increase the sensitivity to insulin via a positive regulation of IR and insulin signaling.