The NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy: Roles and Opportunities for Libraries and Institutional Repositories

Dr. Lisa Federer, NLM Data Science and Open Science Librarian

Dr. Lisa Federer, Acting Director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives; NLM Data Science and Open Science Librarian, National Library of Medicine

In January 2023, National Institutes of Health (NIH) will institute a new Data Management and Sharing Policy that requires all researchers seeking NIH funding to describe how they will manage and share their data. However, many researchers have not been required to write data management and sharing plans before and may be unsure about best practices for making their data available. Libraries and institutional repositories are uniquely situated to provide training and resources to help their researchers to not only comply with the policy, but also to make their research more reproducible, transparent, and reusable. This talk will provide an overview of the policy, a discussion of how libraries and institutional repositories can contribute to enhancing data management and sharing, and resources for helping researchers meet the policy requirements.