Dermatological Signs of Systemic Disease


Dermatological Signs of Systemic Disease



Lupus erythematosus / Christopher B. Hansen and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Dermatomyositis / Ruth Ann Vleugels and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Scleroderma, Raynaud's phenomenon, and related conditions / Stephanie T. Le, Nicole Fett, and Anna Haemel -- Vasculitis / Miguel A. González-Gay and Trinitario Pina -- Neutrophilic dermatoses / Joanna Harp and Joseph L. Jorizzo -- Psoriasis and systemic disease / Jashin J. Wu and Johann E. Gudjonsson -- Other rheumatologic-dermatologic conditions / Natalie A. Wright and Joseph F. Merola -- Autoinflammatory syndromes / Kieron S. Leslie -- Eosinophil-associated diseases with dermatologic manifestations / Kristin M. Leiferman -- Urticaria / Julie B. Zang and Joseph L. Jorizzo -- Erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and toxic epidermal necrolysis / Andrew Avarbock and Joseph L. Jorizzo -- Panniculitis / Ana M. Molina-Ruiz and Luis Requena -- Pruritus / Gil Yosipovitch -- Erythroderma / Megan H. Noe and Karolyn A. Wanat -- Purpura / Warren W. Piette -- Bullous diseases / Anneli R. Bowen and John J. Zone -- Skin signs of internal malignancy / Edward W. Cowen and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Dermatologic adverse events of cancer therapy / Zhe Hou, Viswanath Reddy Belum, and Mario E. Lacouture -- Metastatic disease / Courtney R. Schadt and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Cutaneous lymphomas and cutaneous signs of systemic lymphomas / Lorenzo Cerroni -- Dysproteinemias, plasma cell disorders, and amyloidosis / Warren W. Piette -- Cutaneous manifestations of the histiocytoses / Warren T. Goodman, Joshua R. Bradish, and Terry L. Barrett -- Vascular neoplasms and malformations / Julie V. Schaffer and Jean L. Bolognia -- Diabetes and the skin / Christine S. Ahn, Gil Yosipovitch, and William W. Huang -- Thyroid and the skin / Elizabeth Ghazi, Ted Rosen, Joseph L. Jorizzo, and Warren R. Heymann -- Cutaneous manifestations of lipid disorders / Inbal Braunstein -- Adrenal, androgen-related, and pituitary disorders / Robert G. MIcheletti -- Porphyrias / Maureen B. Poh-Fitzpatrick -- Cutaneous diseases associated with gastrointestinal abnormalities / Mark D. Herron and John J. Zone -- Hepatic disease and the skin / J. Mark Jackson, Jeffrey P. Callen, and Kenneth E. Greer -- Viral diseases / Ramya Kollipara, Sheevam Shah, and Stephen K. Tyring -- Bacterial and rickettsial diseases / Dirk M. Elston -- Fungal diseases / Scott A. Norton -- Protozoal diseases / Dirk M. Elston -- Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and sexually transmitted infections / Eseosa Asemota and Carrie Kovarik -- Sarcoidosis / Misha A. Rosenbach, Joseph C. English III, and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Cardiovascular diseases and the skin / Alisa Femia, Kathryn Schwarzenberger, and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Renal disease and the skin / Mary P. Maiberger and Julia R. Nunley -- Cutaneous manifestations observed in transplant recipients / Fiona Zwald, Manisha J. Loss, Dennis L. Cooper, and Jean L. Bolognia -- Neurocutaneous disease / Sarah D. Cipriano and John J. Zone -- Pregnancy / Bethanee J. Schlosser -- Mast cell disease / Michael D. Tharp -- Hair disorders in systemic disease / Kimberly S. Salkey and Amy McMichael -- Nail signs of systemic disease / Shari R. Lipner and Richard K. Scher -- Oral disease / Charles Camisa and Jeffrey P. Callen -- Leg ulcers / Katherine L. Baquerizo Nole and Robert S. Kirsner -- Cutaneous drug eruptions / Kara Heelan and Neil H. Shear -- Principles of systemic drug use / Cindy England Owen and Stephen E. Wolverton



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Dermatological Signs of Systemic Disease
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